My first July

On nights of summers warmth and incense

Through view of candlelight and new memories

Crashing against the synapses like water and sand

There you stood

Meeting by chance of choice in proximity not afar

We spoke of the meaning, the why, the wonder

Oh how did our conveying of emotions thunder

Recollections on paper or flashes of memory

But of course you would…..

Be that confidant who entangled me in the complexity

Of the day when it came to be

That one more of us perhaps….

We’d never see

I was hurt for a time as I felt like a bird being told not to soar

Because the weight of my heart was too much to overcome

Matters not

The time was knowing a person more than some know themselves

Their whole lives

And we knew it

It was the sincerity of watching the stars to dream of a day when we would know

A little more answers to the questions which would arise

After the next promising sunrise

We were not just a passing kiss of summers vibrant colors

Even better

We were meaningful friends as deep as any ocean

Summers ago

One July






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